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           Established in 2017, Uncle Chase Foundation is a nonprofit 501(C)3 organization, based in Staten Island, New York.




Our mission is to equip vulnerable youth and their communities with the resources they need to shape their future in a positive way. By focusing on their most pressing needs, we make sure that they have access to practical solutions that will prepare them to surmount the roadblocks impeding personal and social progress. With our help, we anticipate that they will begin to move forward to a better tomorrow with confidence and optimism.



We envision that empowered youth and communities will have a far-reaching impact on generations to come; that their lives will be profoundly enriched; and that non-profit organizations will increasingly work in partnership for the common good.

The Uncle Chase Foundation believes in making a difference. We are devoted to improving lives by creating a positive environment for the community. Together, we can make a greater impact.


                                                                                      Uncle Chase Foundation... WE ARE THE COMMUNITY.

The act of giving of yourself to better the lives of others, your community, and the world is priceless. Discover the many ways you can make a donation.
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