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During times like this we know that for many it is hard to feed their families let alone to eat healthy while doing so. By establishing "Seeds 2 Feed" Community Gardens, we can begin the process of moving forward to a healthier tomorrow while taking some of the load off those in need.


UCF is proud to announce its first "Seeds 2 Feed" Community Garden located in Mariners Harbor NY. Mariners Harbor has some of the riches roots on Staten Island NYC. A public nursery began here as a project for the community however, the community hasn’t taken full advantage of the land. Uncle Chase Foundation has begun a monumental partnership to help revive the growth of a loved and forgotten community by bringing their seeds to the soil and planting on a positive note. 

With Seeds 2 Feed and your help:

  • we can increase access to fresh foods

  • reduce the risk of obesity and its related diseases 

  • increase physical activity through garden maintenance activities

  • Engage the Community 

  • Improve mental health and promote relaxation

  • Teach children how to plant/grow vegetables and fruit

We are currently seeking volunteers, donations and knowledge to keep this program and its people alive.  

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